We do home services.

Caboodle makes it easy to maintain, repair and improve your home. Our team of home service experts have years of experience to be able to handle anything you need done on your home. You don’t have to think about it…just call Caboodle!

Who are we?

The next generation home service company for the modern homeowner.

Caboodle is a customer-focused service company that uses technology to make managing your home a breeze. We take the guesswork out of finding and scheduling help for any home service by being your one source for everything home related. From lawn care to Christmas light installation to house keeping and everything in-between, we do it all…the Whole Kit & Caboodle.

Only pay for what you value. Let us handle tasks you are already paying for, be there for emergencies, take care of specialty services or handle all of your home’s routine maintenance tasks. We offer any number of recurring services, multi-service bundle discounts, and Caboodle membership that comes with even more perks and benefits! 

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What you get.

One company to manage & maintain your entire home.

Let us be your personal maintenance department: Request, schedule and pay for service at the push of a button. No membership required.

How it Works

Caboodle utilizes our team of in-house experts to service your home. If your home needs it, we can do it…from cutting your grass or cleaning your house to restoring your pavers and installing Christmas lights.

Stop managing and start living.

Why Caboodle?

Caboodle completes home services at the highest quality while saving you time and money.

Straightforward Pricing

Straightforward Pricing

Get upfront pricing and timing to fit your schedule. Our team strives to complete 80% of your home's needs in-house and has exclusive partnerships with outside pros to negotiate pricing that nets you the best value for every service.
Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

Our in-house maintenance team is thoroughly trained to handle nearly every service that your home needs and we only partner with the best local pros for jobs that require a special license. Every job is backed by our Service Guarantee.
Ultimate Convenience

Ultimate Convenience

One call handles all your home service needs. Now everything home related, from lawn care to plumbing repairs to a bathroom remodel, can be coordinated and managed in one spot. Right from the palm of your hand.

Proudly serving the

Charlotte, NC area


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Caboodle is a personal maintenance department for your home. Our experienced team of service pros will make living in your house as convenient and stress-free as living in an apartment.

Caboodle currently services the Charlotte, NC metro area. We are looking to launch new markets soon!

No! Membership gives you additional benefits and perks (we highly recommend it!), but it is not required for us to service your home. Services and projects can be added a la carte and are priced per service.

Some services require years of experience and training to be considered an expert. We have separately branded service lines to help assure customers they are truly being serviced by experts. Don’t worry! Even though there may be separate branding, all services are still back by Caboodle.

We strive to complete at least 80% of services with our in-house team of experts (employees). For services that our in-house team cannot complete, we have exclusive partners that we work with directly to get the services completed. Even for these services, Caboodle is still your point of contact and we coordinate everything.

Caboodle saves you money by giving you access to a team of trained home service maintenance experts. We focus on having a team in place that can handle 80% of your home’s needs without having to pay a specialist. We also strive to help you prevent problems before they occur, and extend the life of your home’s major systems. Certain repairs (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) require expensive licenses and insurance. By outsourcing these repairs to third-party companies, it allows Caboodle to keep cost lower for the services completed in-house. These third-party companies are exclusive partners that we have negotiated discounted repair cost, saving you money for these repairs as well.

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The world's first maintenance department for your home!

Join our growing community of homeowners to access an entire maintenance department for your home so you are free to enjoy your day-to-day life.

The personal maintenance department for your home.

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